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David Miliband speaking on parliament in kosovo After his meeting with President of the Republic of Kosovo Mr.Fatmir Sejdiu and The Prime minister Mr.Hashim Thaqi, and with minority in kosovo. It is an enormous honour and privilege to be the first Foreign Minister to address the National Assembly of an independent Kosovo. On behalf of one of the world`s democracies, I salute your commitments to democratic values,human rights and social justice. Your stuggles have been long; the wounds of war are deep; but now you have the chance to shape your own future, proud od your peaceful transition to independence,and confident that growing numbers of countries around the world support you,respect you and also recognise you. Britain wants your economy to succeed. That is why we pledged ₤23m at the donor conference in July to support your Government`s economic programme. Britain wants security for all your citizens. That is why troops have been deployed with KFOR and we will be dispatching police,judges and prosecutors as part of EULEX. And Britain wants a successful transition for the Kosovo Protection Corps.That is why we are contributing over ₤3m to help demobilize and assist those who leave to find new jobs. My visit contains a simpe message: Britain has been with you in your struggle for independence, and now we will be with you in your seach for security and prosperity,working alongside your neighbours for the common goal. We all face a shared challenge: to build a strong sens of national identity and at the same time to forge a new internationalism. Because in the modern world true patriotism requires true internationalism. The reason is simple. No nation is an island. We face shared risks in each region-intability, migration,crime-cross national boundaries.and we face shared risks at the global level too. Let that be Europe`s message of hope and change at this time of hope and change around the world. Reporter from Kosovo:islam Qerimi Photografer: Blerim Uka